Hello World.

This is Hadia, aka The Swift Girl. An enthusiastic iOS Developer and loves all things 🍎.

Last year I graduated from Comsats University Islamabad as a Computer Scientist and currently I’m working at visionx.io as a full time iOS Developer.

❤️ for Swift:

I started playing with Swift back in 2015 when it was just 1 year old and just fell in love with it. Starting from Swift 1.0 to now Swift 5.0, I’ve been following it all along. My first work in swift was a small macOS travel application, a semester project for database systems.

During my studies I worked remotely with Softappo as a part time iOS Developer and worked on many iOS projects. In my senior year, I also got interested in Machine Learning and Data Mining and worked on psychometric profiling of users on the basis of their social media posts/tweets as my Final Year Project.

CoreML and CreateML:

With the announcements of CoreML, Vision, and then CreateML, my interest in Machine Learning and especially ML-enabled Mobile apps increased even more. Thats why I opted to use CoreML in my WWDC 2018 Submission Playground as well.

Currently I like to explore new iOS APIs and cool ways in which they can be used, while thinking outside the box. You can check out my blogs here.

WWDC 2018 Scholarship:

I am a WWDC 2018 Scholar. For the Scholarship submission, I utilised CoreML to develop a redo of iPhone Calculator application with machine learning capabilities i.e. ‘Drawing Calculator’. I used open source MNIST model for digits recognition. Moreover, my playground had all the regular features (computations, swipe-to-delete, delete-digit) of a normal calculator app. You can check out its demo here, or check out the open-sourced playground at WWDC-2018-Submission.

The Swift Girl:

‘The Swift Girl’ is implementation of one of my dreams of spreading knowledge with others in a not-so-trivial way. Although internet is full of coding resources, but I always found the need of an advanced level platform which not only tells you how, but also what cool things you can develop with the amazing resources you have at hand.

Being a #GirlWhoCodes, I also encourage other girls, and underprivileged groups in tech to pursue technology and coding. Starting from a small blogging platform, some more cool features will be announced on ‘The Swift Girl’ soon. Stay tuned 😉

Hobbyist Writer:

From writing small stories in children magazines like ‘Taleem-o-tarbiat’ or ‘Naunehal’ to writing fantasy novels in my early teens to now, writing both fiction and non-fiction, my interests in writing, and reading, have grown tremendously over the course of time. Check out medium for my writing pieces. Don’t forget to give your feedback. 😉


Last but not least, I would love to connect with you guys. You can follow me at @HadiaJalil or reach out to me at hadiajalil@icloud.com.