Kanishka is only 15 and she is one of the youngest WWDC Scholars. She is currently a student of grade 11. Other than iOS, she also runs her own blog. We had a really interesting chit-chat session with her.

Q: Hey Kanishka, Can you tell us a little about your Swift Journey? 

A: By the end of my middle school, I was a lot into programming and different types of development. I started with web development and was a noob in programming. At that time I heard about iOS development and was excited to develop iOS apps! Unfortunately, I was a window’s user at that time. Later on I got a Mac and I got started with iOS. Basically, how I learned iOS development was from online youtube tutorials. I started by making small and practical projects. I applied for WWDC 2018 and was rejected. But that didn’t stop me. I applied again this year and had a privilege to be selected as a WWDC 2019 Scholar.

Q: What’s your biggest dream in the domain of iOS? 

A: I want to make a viral app in category of Social media and networking. Also, one of my personal wish is to be featured on App Store.

Q: Other than iOS, What do you like to do in your free time? 

A: Besides iOS development, I drink coffee and I sleep . I am coffee lover. Also, I write a blog namely kanishkawilliamson.wordpress.com. I binge on Netflix whenever I am bored.

You can follow Kanishka @ralasi_code. ‘The Swift Girl’ wishes all the best to Kanishka for her future achievements.

Stay tuned for knowing about more such remarkable #SwiftGirls.