Natascha is a freelance iOS developer from Germany. She is sharing insights and aha moments of her every day job of iOS development at Her co-programmer Paul likes to help her out. The Swift Girl had a really interesting chit-chat session with her.

Q: Hey Natascha, Can you tell us a little about your Swift Journey?

Ans: I discovered iOS development back in 2013, when I was studying for my master’s degree in computer science. It was Objective-C at that time. After one year of intensive learning, I got my first freelance job. As a student, I was really excited about it. I quit my part-time waitress student job and fully commited myself to my first paid iOS project. I had so much fun back then that I knew how I want my every day job to look like. And it became even more exciting when Swift was released.

Today, after more than five years, iOS development has become part of my everyday life. But of course you don’t stop learning and there are always exciting moments and new challenges. Currently, one of these is my iOS development blog I started a few weeks ago.

Q: What’s your biggest dream in the domain of iOS? 

I realized at some point that besides developing applications, I also really enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge. So my current goal is to be able to do it more often.

I already had the opportunity to teach students how to develop mobile applications during their school holidays. And it’s also the reason why I started the iOS development blog.

Q: Other than iOS, What do you like to do in your free time? 

An: In my non-coding time, I’m always up for some physical activity. Especially for sports which include using some kind of a ball like badminton, table tennis or volleyball. I love being outside hiking, exploring new places and enjoying the nature. I’m passionate about animals, love being surrounded by dogs playing and training with them. And, the most important thing is doing all those things with my loved ones.

You can follow Natascha @tanaschita. ‘The Swift Girl’ wishes her all the best for her future achievements.

Stay tuned for hearing about more such remarkable #SwiftGirls 🙂